The new Ferry Terminal is in Ceiba, in the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base. Drive-time from the San Juan (SJU) Airport to the Ceiba Ferry Terminal is about 75-90 minutes.
If traveling to the ferry terminal from the San Juan area, you’ll want to take Route 26 east to Route 66 east to Route 3 east (toward Fajardo). Route 66 ends on Route 3 in Río Grande, so you’re taking Route 66 to the end. Note that Route 66 is a toll road, and an AutoExpreso transponder is required for the tolls.

Continue east on Route 3 toward Fajardo. Once in the Fajardo area, Route 3 becomes Route 53. Once you’re on Route 53, you’ll want to take Exit 2 at KM 1.4 (which is before the first toll booth). This is the exit for the Puerto del Rey Marina and the Ceiba Airport. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left under Route 53, then continue straight. This will put you back on Route 3 heading south. Then, really all you need to do is follow the signs for the Puerto del Rey Marina and the Ceiba Airport. Continue Route 3 past the Puerto del Rey Marina on your left.

You’ll continue Route 3 to KM 52.4, where you’ll turn left onto Tarawa Drive. Landmarks here include a solar farm on the right, and the “Bienvenidos Ceiba” sign in the photo above. Continue straight on Tarawa Drive until you arrive at the guardhouse at the entrance to the naval base. If there is a guard, just tell them that you are going to the ferry.

Once through the gate, follow the brown “Ferry” signs — At the first V, you’ll go left onto Forrestal Drive. At the second V, you’ll follow the road as it curves to the left. At the third V, go right. Then, finally, turn left onto Marina Drive. Continue Marina Drive until you come to the parking area and blue DTOP ATM building on your right. There is a large parking lot next to the ferry terminal, it costs $5 plus IVU per day.

After a long wait, finally some tickets are sold on the internet, though only the 20% of daily availability. You can access three weeks ahead of your trip. Tickets have a transaction fee, but anyways, an affordable price. Always arrive to the Ferry Terminal at least an hour prior departure.

Schedule is subject to change depending on season:

  • Ceiba – Culebra: Daily – 6:00am | 10:30am | 3:00pm | Ferry Cargo (takes passengers, but no online presale): 4:00am | 9:00am | 3:00pm | 7:00pm
  • Culebra – Ceiba: Diario – 6:30am | 1:00pm | 5:00pm.  Ferry Cargo (takes passengers, but no online presale): 6:30am | 1:00pm | 5:00pm | 8:30pm

Ferry Terminal, Ceiba: (18.230020, -65.618120)