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Driving a car to a concert in Malaysia

A few tourists who plan to visit Asiatic Countries, very often like to rent a car for quicker traveling within the place.

Now, what most tourists from western Countries ignore about Asia is that each single Country there has its driving rules and “style”, that means that people don’t always drive the same way you are familiar to in your native Country.

Lets’ think to how Italians drive from Rome southwards and now, imagine you are going to drive a car in Malaysia. The situation on the road in Asiatic Countries is even more serious.

Important things you should know about Malaysian roads

Malaysia is one of the top destination in Asia. If you are planning to visit this enchanting place, prepare yourself to a crazy road experience.

West Malaysia is pretty safe from this point of view: people use to drive in a correct and simple way, so you won’t have any trouble. Fuel costs are cheap and roads features all the signs in a clear way.    Driving in Malaysia

What’s more, many people in West Malaysia can speak English, which is a rarity in the Asiatic continent.

In most Asiatic Countries –Malaysia included – roads follow the English system with steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle. Highways are all well maintained, but if you drive through smaller villages you will see that roads aren’t as good.

Emergency situations on the road

Unfortunately, being in a foreign Country may mean to find more difficulty in case of emergency.

Getting lost and can’t drive back the hotel is something very easy in Malaysia, although on the main streets signs are pretty well maintained. However, in Malaysia new roads are being built every month and maps consequently should get always updated.

Another pretty common emergency situation any car driver may happen to experience is a jammed ignition with the car key practically locked in the ignition.

This is a serious problem, especially because your rental car isn’t yours and you don’t want to cause further damage on it.

The first thing you should do is to call a local automotive locksmith to fix your car jammed ignition.

Locksmiths: Malaysia vs. USA

Calling a locksmith in Malaysia isn’t that easy.. especially if you can’t speak the local language. In fact, not all locksmiths can speak English and this makes things harder. You should contact a police station and explain in some ways your situation and then get redirected to a locksmith. And locksmiths in Malaysia aren’t that many as in the US.

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